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NFL streaming: Best ways to watch football breathing without cable during the 2019-2020 season

The NFL football season is on us, and cord cutters have more ways than ever to catch the take leisure movement. Here are our favorites.

nfl live streaming

With the 2019 NFL season underway, there are plenty of ways to follow the most popular sport in the US. Getting a cable subscription is the simplest solution. It allows you to watch your local team and a bunch of other teams without worrying about which channels are available.

For cord cutters, live NFL football streaming options get a bit more complicated. Your best bet is to subscribe to a live TV streaming service, but the sheer number of channels that carry live games — local CBS, NBC and Fox Sports channels, as well as the national feeds of NFL Network and ESPN — means football fans might have to make a compromise. (Full disclosure: CNET is a division of CBS.)

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Given how the NFL has divvied up its broadcasting rights, the only way to get a full football experience is to have a whole litany of channels from your TV provider. Sunday NFC games are largely on Fox, AFC games are on CBS, and Sunday night football is on NBC. Monday night football is only on ESPN. Though Fox has most Thursday night games, there are several that are NFL Network-only.

nfl live stream

With all that in mind, we offer our recommendations for the best way to watch NFL without cable.

Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.

It ain’t cheap, but at $54.99 for the core package, Sony’s PlayStation Vue checks all the NFL channel boxes. Local channels CBS, NBC and Fox are included in many markets, as are ESPN and the NFL Network, hence you can watch Monday night, Thursday night and Sunday night. Want Red Zone for once your fantasy team? That’s easy to do to for an subsidiary $10 per month.

Many secondary flesh and blood TV streaming facilities carry those local channels and ESPN, but most nonattendance NFL Network and Red Zone. YouTube TV, our overall favorite, has neither of those channels, for example, and neither take accomplishment Hulu taking into account Live TV or AT&T TV Now (formerly DirecTV Now). Sling TV’s Orange and Blue plot for $40 a month gets you the NFL Network, ESPN and, in choose major markets, Fox and/or NBC, but you’ll still nonappearance CBS. (Like Vue, RedZone is handy for $10 more per month as portion of Sling’s Sports Extra package.) FuBo TV has NFL Network and optional RedZone ($9 as allocation of its Sports Plus grow-upon) but lacks ESPN.

The chart below sums happening those channel differences. The base price is listed after the support make known, even if a dollar sign indicates that the channel is manageable for a different expansion.

In our review of PlayStation Vue we liked its layout and especially its DVR, which comes in easily reached if you can’t stream NFL games breathing. It does have fewer national cable channels than some competitors, but that’s probably not an involve for NFL fans. It allows five simultaneous streams, suitably summative users can watch a propos swing devices at subsequent to. It’s widely attainable too, following apps as regards iOS and Android, the web and upon TVs through Roku, Chromecast, Android TV, Apple TV and Fire TV. It’s as well as doable upon the PS4 and PS3.

If you don’t care nearly NFL Network games or RedZone, we manage to pay for advice YouTube TV, our favorite conscious TV streaming overall.

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nfl live stream

Those looking to save some cash might loving check out Sling Blue for $25 a month. While it lacks ESPN, meaning you’ll miss out upon Monday Night Football, it does add taking place NFL Network and, in pick markets, Fox and NBC as dexterously. The catch is that those markets are mainly all-powerful cities, for that gloss if you breathing outside one of those areas, Sling Blue might not be for you.

Fox, of course, broadcasts most NFC and Thursday night football, even though NBC has Sunday night games. CBS, which broadcasts the bulk of AFC games, isn’t included upon Sling at every one of one of.

Meanwhile hard-core fans or fantasy football fiends have other marginal note to select Sling Blue: It’s the cheapest of the living TV streaming facilities subsequent to NFL RedZone, a $10 per month different.

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Budget alternatives for AFC fans: CBS All Access, Locast or an antenna

There are some apps that manage to pay for CBS’ slate of Sunday AFC games alive, including CBS All Access for $6 per month. Depending not in the cut off from off from where you breathing, however, your local CBS station (and those NFL games) might not be realizable. CBS offers breathing streaming facilities in many markets; you can check for yourself if your place has rouse CBS streaming here.

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Speaking of freeing, here’s where we mention the ultimate budget swing: an antenna.

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Thursday Night Football: NFL Network, Fox and Amazon Prime

Thursday Night Football is probably the most complicated portion of the NFL streaming schedule. Most games will be easy to use more or less speaking the NFL Network, Fox and Amazon Prime Video.

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A handful of Thursday games, however, are visceral shown exclusively almost the subject of NFL Network. This included Week 2’s Bucs-Panthers tilt as skillfully as Week 3’s Titans-Jaguars game. Some of the special “Thursday Night Football as regards Sunday” games will furthermore be NFL Network-unaided, including the Week 16 Saturday triple header.

At $25 per month, Sling Blue is yet the cheapest habit to make determined you profit the NFL Network, though Fubo TV has it in its $55-per-month package. PlayStation Vue offers it as adeptly in its $55-per-month core package.

Red Zone options

A frequent devotee-favorite method of once all the NFL be in, RedZone is a habit to catch all terrific pretend to have an achievement re the league. The cheapest road to Red Zone is through Sling, by getting its Blue package for $25 per month and furthermore tallying Sports Extra for $10 per month.

PlayStation Vue offers Red Zone for $10 per month concerning the order of depth of its regular packages, even if Fubo offers it for $8.99 as allowance of its Sports Plus ensue-upon.

nfl live stream

What about Sunday Ticket?

NFL Sunday Ticket is still largely limited to DirecTV satellite subscribers, though those who living in buildings that can’t grow a satellite can acquire a streaming bank account to watch football starting at $293.96 for its To Go package.

The difficulty here, however, is it doesn’t append your local games. You can watch unaccompanied games that aren’t creature post upon CBS, Fox, NBC or ESPN in your place.

Want Red Zone behind your Sunday Ticket? That’ll cost you $395.99 for the season and still has the same blackout limitations.

This article was originally published earlier this year.

nfl live stream

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